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You set a personal fitness goal, we reward your results

The idea is


The time has come to get in shape! Most of us want to look good and feel healthy, however, we know that it is not an easy endeavour.

And we at Lympo want to motivate you by rewarding you for achieving your goal.

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How will we issue

The Rewards

We will reward all honest participants who managed to achieve their goal. It doesn’t matter how long you participate in the #LympoChallenge, what’s important is that you actually achieve your goal and it may happen in 20 days or 2 months – it’s up to you.

The amount of LYMs issued will also be determined by how great (and clearly visible) your results are. So, for example, a minor victory will be rewarded with a smaller amount of LYMs than completely transforming your body into a fitness machine.

How was this

Idea born

The idea to host this challenge was inspired by a bet made between our advisor Antanas Guoga (a.k.a. Tony G) and a crypto influencer Boxmining, to lose 10% weight in 3 months with a stake of 100,000 LYMs.

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